Flowers and Fruit on Table

About Carol Albrecht:

Carol Albrecht, a graduate from Pennsylvania of Fine Arts’ four-year program was the recipient of PFA Fellowship Prize and the Still Life Award. Prolific and highly visible on the Philadelphia scene, she has been a member of 3rd Street Gallery since 1994. Here, she has exhibited annually and was featured in three solo shows and four two-person shows. Her work has also been seen at twelve Baum School of Art Shows (Allentown, PA) and recently at Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists Exhibition and Tyme Gallery Havertown, PA.

Artist Statement and Art Description:

Color continues to be the focus in the landscapes and still lifes of Carol Albrecht. Full sunlight, with warm and cool shadows, has been effective in depicting nature’s broad vistas of mountains and canyons, and equally useful depicting more intimate still lifes of flowers, leaves, etc.

More recently, the artist has experimented with observing the more subtle colors found in the fading blossoms and withering plants of nature. Her recent work contrasts still lifes of nature in full bloom, and then in decline, and she finds this later stage with subdued colors also interesting.

Study in Red